About MH Troop 511

Troop 511 is a new troop founded in 2020 to support youths aged 11-17 in Mountain House, California. Most of our scouts attend the middle school and high school of the Lammersville Unified School District. However, Troop 511 welcomes scouts from all around the area.

Our Troop leadership is comprised of highly dedicated parents in the Scouting program. The families of Troop 511 are also very active in the numerous events sponsored by the Troop throughout the year.

community service

Troop 511 strives to be a scout-led troop. Our founding scouts are dedicated in developing the leadership skills needed to run the Troop. The Patrol Leader Council (PLC), co-chaired by our Patrol Leaders (PL), develops a plan of activities that will provide the troop members a fun way to meet advancement requirements and enjoy scouting. The PLC is guided by the Scoutmaster and the activity plan is reviewed by the adult Troop Committee. Execution of the approved activities is completed using the patrol method. The adult leadership is there to provide the scouts with guidance and support in a way that the scouts feel ownership of the troop. Troop 511 is poised to hold our first election for Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) this August 2021.

Troop 511 offers a year-round program typically consisting of weekly meetings and one or more outings a month, or participating in community service projects. Every summer our Scouts can participate in a week-long summer camp at one of the many scout reservations that are within driving distance. Regardless of their age, ask anybody who ever participated in Scouting, they still carry with them their memories of positive experiences from summer camp.

Though our troop is active, our Scouts have no issues maintaining their participation levels in other pursuits as many of our scouts are also very involved students, musicians, and athletes just to name a few.

Though there is always encouragement and support, a scout ultimately advances at their own pace. In addition to rank advancement, Scouts also can earn Merit Badges which provide opportunities to learn about a myriad of subjects such as: first aid/lifesaving, sports, crafts, science, trades/business, future careers along with numerous water and watercraft related subjects. And, when they least expect it, they have a ton of fun along the way! With more than 135 merit badges currently available, most subjects that would be of interest and fun for a scout are covered.

Troop 511 is in the Sierra Valley District of the Greater Yosemite Council of Scouts BSA.

To learn more about Troop 511, please read our Troop Handbook.

The spirit is there in every boy; it has to be discovered and brought to light.
Robert Baden-Powell
Founder of Boy Scout movement